Sharpen your critical attitude towards today’s developments in visual arts, media & architecture. Study their changing role in early, high, and post-modernity from a theoretical and historical perspective.

Welcome to the website of the research master’s porgramme in Critical Studies in Art and Culture (formerly Visual Arts, Media and Architecture, a.k.a. VAMA). Critical Studies in Art and Culture is a two-year programme taught at VU University Amsterdam that is directed at talented students who are highly motivated to acquire academic research skills in the field of art history, architecture history, visual culture and media studies. It studies current developments in the respective fields from both theoretical and historical perspectives and examines the complex relationships between visual arts, architecture and media that have resulted from such developments.

This website offers an introduction to and practical information on the programme aimed at prospective students and allows them to get acquainted with the goings on of Critical Studies in Art and Culture students and staff; for current students, the website functions as a platform on which to publish their work and individual projects, as well as a place to keep track of activities, deadlines and opportunities.

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