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2012 – 2013.

Symposium: Play & Prosume
Vienna: March 5 – 17

Symposium: Licht op Italië
Leiden University: February 15

Exhibition: Orban Space
Stroom Den Haag: January 20 – March 24

Workshop: Jeremiah Day – Movement/Speech Improvisation
K77 Studio, Berlin: January 20 – March 31

Book Presentation: Luc Deleu/T.O.P. Office – Orban Space
Stroom Den Haag (i.c.w. Valiz): November 30

Lecture: Susan Holden
MRI Office: November 15

OSK Section Meeting: Architectural History & Urban Planning
NAi Rotterdam: November 8

Promotion: Michel Geertse – Defining the Universal City. The International Federation for Housing and Town Planning and Trans-National Planning Dialogue 1913-1945
VU University: November 7

Lecture: Denise Hagströmer
VU University: October 30

Lecture: Susan Holden
VU University & Métamatic Research Initiative: October 23

Lecture: Sven Lütticken in conversation with Zachary Formwalt
SMBA: October 21

Honorary Doctorate: Rem Koolhaas
VU University: October 19

Film Screening: Ladri di Biciclette
K.L.I.C.H.é: October 11

Constitution Drink
K.L.I.C.H.é: October 10

Symposium: Rafaël en zijn school
Teylers Museum, OSK, Werkgroep Italië Studies: October 8

Film Screening: Il Posto
K.L.I.C.H.é: September 27

Lecture: Emily Eliza Scott
VU University: September 18


2011 – 2012.

Lecture: Jon Kessler
VU University & Métamatic Research Initiative: June 19

Journal Launch/Lecture: Open, no. 23 – Andrea Fraser
Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven: June 16

Film Screening: A Movie Will Be Shown Without The Picture
Sven Lütticken i.c.w. If I Can’t Dance: June 12

Symposium: Vital Beauty
De Balie, Amsterdam: May 16

Lecture: Pors & Rao
VU University & Métamatic Research Initiative: May 1

Lecture: Rem Koolhaas (among others)
Facing Forward: April 25

Kitsch Trip: Prague
Kitsch: April 23 – 29

Lecture: João Simões
VU University & Métamatic Research Initiative: April 3

Symposium: Rethinking Robert Smithson
Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague: March 30

Symposium: Licht op Italië, pt. 2
Leiden University: March 30

Lecture: Hans Belting & Iwona Blazwick
Facing Forward: March 8

Lecture: Olaf Breuning
VU University & Métamatic Research Initiative: March 6

Performance: Jeremiah Day
Site Gallery, Sheffield: March 1

Inaugural Lecture: Diederik Oostdijk – De New York Amsterdam Connectie
VU University: February 24

Lecture: Julia Bryan-Wilson – Monumental Forecasting
VU University: February 20

Lecture: Rachel Esner – Visiting the Artist’s Studio with l’Illustration
OSK: February 10

Symposium: Licht op Italië, pt. 1
VU University: February 10

Lecture: Paul Chan & Hito Steyerl
Facing Forward: February 9

Lecture: Aleksandra Hirszfeld
VU University & Métamatic Research Initiative: February 7

Lecture: Amelia Jones & David Summers
Facing Forward: January 13

Lecture: James Elkins & Jalal Toufic
Facing Forward: December 14

Lecture: Manuel DeLanda & Amber Case
Facing Forward: December 7

Lecture: Brigitte Zieger
VU University & Métamatic Research Initiative: December 6

Lecture: Nora Alter – Composing in Fragments: Music in the Essay Films of Resnais and Godard
VU University: November 28

Lecture: Anikó Imre Brand New EU: Nation Building Across Media
VU University: November 22

Symposium: Architectural History as [Applied] Science
KU Leuven: November 9-10

Performance: Jeremiah Day – Of All Possible Things
If I Can’t Dance & Stedelijk Museum: November 9-10

Lecture: Andrew Leach – What is Architectural History?
VU University: November 7

Symposium: Remix in Retrospect: Looking Back to See the Future of Authorship
VU University: October 21

Symposium: The Autonomy Project (videos)
Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven: October 7-9

Lecture: Ranjit Bhatnagar
VU University & Métamatic Research Initiative: October 4

Lecture: Michael Newman – Enjoyment, Fascination & Anxiety: Relations with the Work of Art
VU University & University of Amsterdam: September 28

Lecture: Mieke Bal – Anachronism for the Sake of History
OSK: September 23

Reading Session: Hannah Arendt’s The Crisis in Culture
GOLEB: September 23

Presentation + Film Screening: Jeremiah Day’s Hannah Arendt Project
GOLEB: September 20

Book Presentation: echt peeters
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag: September 16


2010 – 2011.

Workshop: Autonomy Summer School
Dutch Art Institute Arnhem: July 6-10

Conference: What Design Can Do
Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam: May 26-27

Symposium: Design Cultures (incl. oration by Timo de Rijk)
VU University: May 25

Film Screening: The Forgotten Space
SMBA: May 24

Film Screening: Documentaire Videoproductie
VU University: May 18

Conference: From Pattern to Nature in Italian Renaissance Drawing
NIKI Institute Florence: May 6-7

Lecture: Ivana Bidikova – The Architecture of Macedonian Churches from the Byzantium and Early Ottoman Period
Catharijneconvent, Utrecht: April 14

Symposium: Licht op Italië (2)
Radboud University Nijmegen: April 1

Masterclass: Luc Deleu/T.O.P. Office (photos)
Stroom den Haag: March 21-25

Lecture: Guy Julier
MA Design Cultures: March 16

Symposium: Holland-America (photos)
Rijksmuseum Twenthe: February 17-18

Symposium: Licht op Italië
University of Groningen: February 11

Film Screening: The Mirror (Andrei Tarkovski)
Kitsch: February 1

Symposium: Re-Mix
Department of Art & Culture/Premsela: December 15

Film Screening: Painters Painting
Kitsch: November 30



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