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Mariel Haggeman
specialization: art and media
thesis: Art and Journalism: The Hybrid Practice of the Artist-Journalist in the Post-Snowden Era
current occupation:


Steyn Bergs
specialization: art and media
thesis: CONTROL+COPY:Commodity Form, Reproduction, and Value of the Digital Artwork
current occupation: NWO grant PhD research at the VU.

Kim Kannler
specialization: art and media
thesis: Visual Geographies and Partial Perspectives: The Politics of Positioning the Chinese Migrant Worker in Filmic Representations by Director Jia Zhang-Ke
current occupation: PhD research at the University of Duisburg-Essen

Marlies Noijens

specialization: architecture
current occupation:   Junior Researcher SteenhuisMeurs

Samatha Schäfer 

specialization: art and media
current occupation: PhD research at the University of Southampton


Andreea Breazu
specialization: art and media
thesis: Photographing Street View: A Post-Digital Case Study on the Production and Circulation of Contemporary Images
current occupation
: freelance

Boris Čučković
specialization: art and media theory
thesis: They Copy, Therefore I Am: Constellations of Art Production in View of Superflex’s Free Sol LeWitt project
current occupation
: PhD candidate at Courtauld Institute, London

Roel Griffioen
specialization: architecture and photography
thesis: The Image of the Avant-Garde: Essays on photography and De 8 en Opbouw
current occupation
: PhD candidate (Ghent University, FWO Scholarship)

Minke Walda
specialization: architectural heritage
current occupation
: architectural historian at SteenhuisMeurs; lecturer architectural history, VU University Amsterdam

Arnold Westerhout
specialization: architectural history and theory
thesis: The Specificity of Repetitive Iconic Architecture: A Case Study on Richard Meier’s City Hall & Library Complex for The Hague
current occupation
: freelance

Jesse van Winden
specialization: contemporary art and performance
thesis: Destabilising Critique. Personae between Self and Enactment
current occupation
: freelance writer; preparing PhD research

Alexandra Zimnicaru
specialization: art and media
current occupation
: freelance


Angela Bartholomew
specialization: contemporary art/media
thesis: Art & Media(tion): Strategies of Mediation in the Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Extra Muros to Augmented Reality
current occupation: NWO-funded PhD candidate at VU University Amsterdam

Francesca Lacroce
specialization: contemporary art
thesis: The Van Abbemuseum: Questions of Art and Identity within the Contemporary Institutional Context
current occupation: organization manager at public art organization WALLS, Rome

Svea Jürgenson
specialization: contemporary art
thesis: Reconsidering the Monument: Robert Smithson and Contemporary Site-Based Practices
current occupation: freelance researcher and writer


Jane Boddy
specialization: nineteenth-century art
thesis: In Search of a Way Through the Landscape: Interpreting Mönch am Meer by C.D. Friedrich
current occupation: PhD candidate at art-historical institute, University of Vienna

Daniël van der Poel (website)
specialization: contemporary art/media theory
thesis: Computer Spatiality in Visual Art: Redefining the Structuring and Experience of Space in the View of Harun Farocki’s Serious Games
current occupation: embedded researcher at VU University, Amsterdam

Ivana Bidokova
specialization: architecture
thesis: Visual  Comparison of Some of the Architectural Elements of Byzantine Churches and Ottoman Mosques
current occupation: architectural designer


Joana Ozorio de Almeida Meroz (website)
specialization: design history
thesis: Dutch Design: The Making-Of. A History of the Construction of Dutch Design, 1956-1990
current occupation: PhD candidate  at VU University (NWO Mosaic Scholarship): A Socio-Cultural History of Dutch Design, 1945-2010

Laura Prins
specialization: nineteenth-century art
thesis: Positioning the Original Print: Politics of Printmaking in France 1870-1900
current occupation: assistant curator at Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Stefaan Vervoort
specialization: contemporary art
thesis: From Architecture to Sculpture (and Back Again). Three Essays on the Sculptural Phenomenon in the Work and Practice of Luc Deleu-T.O.P. Office
current occupation: FWO-funded PhD candidate at Ghent University

Martijn van Beek
premodern European architecture and architectural theory
thesis: Limits of Infinity. Sigfried Giedion and the Reception of Guarino Guarini
current occupation:
secretary of Onderzoekschool Kunstgeschiedenis (OSK), lecturer at VU University


Elise Noyez
specialization: postwar art
thesis: Measuring Concepts. Size & Scale in Conceptual Art
current occupation:
NWO-funded PhD candidate at VU University: Picturing the Visual Artist: Formations of Artisthood in Photographic Portraits (1960-present)



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