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Programme Director.

dr. Sven Lütticken
Sven Lütticken is lecturer on Visual Arts (1800-present) and programme director of Critical Studies in Art and Culture. His research interests include art criticism and art and media theory.



prof. dr. Katja Kwastek
Katja Kwastek is Professor of Art History. She is the author of the book Aesthetics of Interaction in Digital Art (MIT Press, 2013) and specializes in intersections of art, new media and technology.

dr. Freek Schmidt
Freek Schmidt is acting chair of Architecture and Heritage Studies and teaches on the subjects of early modern architecture and urbanism, while supervising theses and tutorials on a wide variety of architectural topics. His book Passion and Control: Dutch Architectural Culture of the Eighteenth Century is published by Ashgate in January 2016.

prof. dr. Ginette Verstraete
Ginette Verstraete is Professor of Comparative Arts and Media, and Chair of the Department of Comparative Arts and Media Studies. Her research can be situated in the areas of cultural theory, cultural analysis, and comparative arts and media studies, with a thematic focus on mobility, globalization, and geography.

prof. dr. Frits Scholten
Frits Scholten is senior curator of sculpture at the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam) and is Professor of Museum Policies and Collecting at VU University. He has published on North-European sculpture and applied arts.


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dr. Jos ten Berge
Jos ten Berge is lecturer on Visual Arts (1800-present) and is particularly interested in issues of ‘outsider art’, primitivism and drugs in art.

dr. Ivo Blom
Ivo Blom is lecturer at the Department of Comparative Arts and Media Studies and specializes primarily in film, although he tries to maintain an intermedial approach. His current research centres around Luchino Visconti in relation to visual culture (painting, photography, cinema).

dr. Javier Gimeno-Martínez
Javier Gimeno-Martínez is Assistant Professor at the VU University Amsterdam and lecturer and research coordinator Interior Architecture in the Design Sciences Department at the Artesis University College of Antwerp. His research interests encompass design and fashion as related with consumption, gender and national identity.

dr. Sven Lütticken
Sven Lütticken is lecturer on Visual Arts (1800-present). His research interests include critical theory and media theory. His most recent book is History in Motion: Time in the Age of the Moving Image (Sternberg Press, 2013).

dr. Freek Schmidt
Freek Schmidt is lecturer on History of Architecture and is primarily concerned with architecture, urbanism and theory of the early modern age.

dr. Ingrid Vermeulen
Ingrid Vermeulen is lecturer on Visual Arts (1400-1800) and specializes in the history of collecting, art historiography and prints and drawings in the long 18th century.


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Guest Lecturers.

Jay David Bolter (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta)
Martha Buskirk (Montserrat College of Arts, Massachusetts)
Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann (artists, Berlin)
Noam Elcott (Columbia University, New York)
Zachary Formwalt (artist, Amsterdam)
Kerstin Stakemeier (Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Nuremberg)

Gregg Bordowitz (artist and writer, New York)
John Byrne (John Moores University, Liverpool)
T.J. Clark (art historian, London)
Crien Clevis (artist, Amsterdam
T.J. Demos (University College London)
Kodwo Eshun (artist and writer, London)
Steven Jacobs (University of Ghent)
Andre Fraser (artist, Los Angeles)
Pablo Martinez (curator and writer, Madrid)

Clare Butcher (curator, Amsterdam)
Caroline van Eck (Leiden University)
Kevin Hamilton (University of Illinois)
Tom Holert (art historian and theorist, Berlin)
Kobe Matthys/Agency (artist, Brussels)
Wendelien van Oldenborgh (artist, Rotterdam)
Nathalie Roseau (École des Ponts ParisTech)

Paul Chan (artist, New York)
T.J. Demos (University College London)
Susan Holden (University of Queensland)
Rem Koolhaas (architect, Rotterdam/London)
Andre Rottmann (art historian and critic, Freie Universität Berlin)
Emily Eliza Scott (University of California)
Jonas Staal (artist)
Julia Bryan-Wilson (University of California)

Nora Alter (Temple University)
Jae Emmerling (University of North Carolina)
Guy Julier (University of Brighton)
Alexander Nemerov (Yale University)
Wendelien van Oldenborgh (artist, Rotterdam)
Jorinde Seijdel (critic and editor, Amsterdam)

Gert Jan Kocken (artist, Amsterdam)
Terry Smith (University of Pittsburgh)
John C. Welchman (University of California, San Diego)

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PhD Candidates.


Angela Bartholomew
The PhD project The Mediation of Critique: Polar Strategies of Mediation in the Exhibition of Contemporary Art in the Low Countries, 1982-1997 examines pivotal exhibitions from contemporary art institutions in the Netherlands and Flanders in which mediation was taken to a polar extreme in art’s presentation.

Ronald de Boer
Ronald de Boer’s PhD research seeks to explore the operational functioning of the corporate art venue in the public institutional art world.

Iris Burgers
Iris Burgers’s PhD research explores the impact of visual representations on collective arrangements of the Schiphol region from 1950 to the present and is part of a larger research project on the metamorphosis of the Schiphol region during the 20th century.

Jeremiah Day
In 2010, Jeremiah Day initiated an experimental collaboration with the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design (maHKU) and VU University Amsterdam, working between the two institutions in structuring a unique Doctorate of the Arts.

Elise Noyez
Elise Noyez’s PhD research (funded by NWO) considers the representation of visual artists in photography from 1960 to the present and examines how such photographs project specific notions of artisthood.

Joana de Ozorio de Almeida Meroz
The PhD project A Socio-Cultural History of Dutch Design, 1945-2010 examines the history of the construction of the idea of Dutch Design, 1945-2010. It advances from the premise that Dutch Design is the product of a discursive construction rather than the natural result of a ‘typically Dutch’ identity or culture.



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