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2012 – 2013.

VAMA Reading Seminar: Caroline van Eck
VU University: February 18

Faculty of Arts Graduate Seminar
VU University: January 25

Book Presentation: Street by Street, Block by Block
INexactlyTHIS: November 25

VAMA Reading Seminar: TJ Demos
VU University: November 19

Art History Thesis Session
VU University: November 13

VAMA Research Brunch
VU University: November 6

VAMA Reading Seminar: Jonas Staal
VU University: October 31

Lecture: Rem Koolhaas
VU University: October 19

Film Screening: Fluxus
Eye Film Institute Netherlands: September 25

VAMA Reading Seminar: André Rottmann & John Knight
VU University: September 20


2011 – 2012.

Symposium: PMK/OSK Graduate Symposium
Utrecht University: June 21

Excursion: Russia (Moscow & St. Petersburg)
MA Art History / Architectural History: June 4-13

Farewell Lecture: Jonneke Jobse
VU University: May 30

Farewell Lecture: Wouter Davidts
VU University: May 29

Lecture/Performance: Angela Bartholomew. Save the Arts (photos)
VAMA/Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam: May 21

Conference: Hannah Arendt’s Crisis in Culture 50th Anniversary: Reflections, Implications, Speculations (photos)
VU University/Goleb, Amsterdam: May 16-19

Introductory Lecture: Emily Eliza Scott
VU University: March 20

Faculty of Arts: Master’s Day
VU University: March 17

VAMA Reading Seminar: Julia Bryan-Wilson
VU University: February 20

Art Criticism Reading Seminar: Paul Chan
VU University: February 8

Faculty of Arts: Graduate Seminar
VU University: January 30

Symposium: Concepts of Intermediality
VU University: January 30

Art & Culture: MA Thesis Presentations
VU University: December 12

VAMA Reading Seminar: Nora Alter
VU University: November 28

Research Seminar: Hannah Arendt’s Crisis in Culture
VU University/General Public, Berlin: November 19

Art & Culture: Opening 2011-2012: Film-Concert
VU University: September 1


2010 – 2011.

Symposium: PMK Graduate Symposium
Radboud University Nijmegen: June 17

Excursion: Venice
Master Art History:

Faculty of Arts: Graduate Seminar
VU University: May 23

VAMA Reading Seminar: Alexander Nemerov
VU University: May 18

Art & Culture: Master’s Day
VU University: May 10

Faculty of Arts: Master’s Day
VU University: March 19

Excursion: Wandkunst Amsterdam (photos)
Amsterdam: February 28

VAMA Reading Seminar: John Welchman
VU University: November 1

VAMA Reading Seminar: Terry Smith
VU University: October 11

Excursion: Almere (photos)
Bachelor Art History: October


2009 – 2010.

Excursion: New York (photos)
Master Art History: June

Symposium: PMK Graduate Symposium
VU University: June 8

Excursion: Antwerp (photos)
Bachelor Art History: February 17

Film Screening: De Langste Dag / The Longest Day (Jef Cornelis)
VU University: December 8

Excursion: London & Frieze Art Fair (photos)
VAMA Research Master: October 17-18


2008 – 2009.

Excursion: Paris (photos)
Master in Architectural History: June 8-19


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