Global Art Histories and Migrating Artists

16 Nov


The fall semester has been under way for some time, and the lack of updates here does not mean there’s been a lack of activity. Quite the contrary, in fact!

The latest issues of the VU-affiliated journal Kunstlicht (with a healthy dose of Critical Studies students and alumni on the editorial board) has the title Globalizing Art Histories: Politics and Paradoxes. On a somewhat related note, Critical Studies student Esmée Schoutens has teamed up with two peers from the VU and the University of Leiden for a presentation at a conference in Cambridge titled Migrants: Migrants: Art, Artists, Materials and Ideas Crossing Borders.

Their presentation is on Positioning migration in the art collection and exhibitions of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. It analyses the museum’s collection database to determine the percentage of artists from “underrepresented” (non-Western) countries in the collection, and the percentage of artists within that group who have migrated to the West—raising the question whether such migration is almost a precondition for having work purchased.



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