Research Seminars

Each Critical Studies in Art and Culture  student is to complete two research seminars (the specializiation modules), each focusing on – but not limited to – one field of study. You can choose from four specializations altogether: Art, Architecture, Media and Design. Media and the Design offer annually recurring courses: Reading Concepts of Intermediality (taught by Sven Lütticken and Ginette Verstraete) and Methods of Design Analysis (Javier Gimeno Martínez). The art history and architecture staff offer at least one seminar each on  yearly changing topics, based on the current research of staff members, from which the student is free to choose.

Visual Art: Seminar Topics 

The Art of Exhibiting: Exhibitions in the 1980s and 1990s (Angela Bartholomew, English)
Schetsboeken van kunstenaars (dr. Daantje Meuwissen, visual art 1400-1800; Dutch)

From Romanticism to the Post-Digital: Slow (Media) Art (dr. Katja Kwastek; English)
Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen (ca. 1470-1535) (dr. Daantje Meuwissen; Dutch)

From Readymade to Maker Culture: The Pre- and Postdigital Art Object (dr. Katja Kwastek; English)
Nederlandse beeldhouwkunst in Europese context, 1400-1800 (dr. Frits Scholten; Dutch)

Owner of Many Dogs: Robert Morris (dr. Katja Kwastek; English)
Ways of Display: De kunst van het uitstallen, het uitstallen van kunst
dr. Frits Scholten, Visual Arts 1400-1800 (Dutch)

Nederlandse beeldhouwkunst in Europese context, 1400-1800 (dr. Frits Scholten, Visual Arts 1400-1800; Dutch)
Kinaesthetic Movement and the Limits of Modern Architecture (Susan Holden; English)

Display (dr. Frits Scholten)
Dutch Art, 1960-present (dr. Jos ten Berge, Visual Arts 1800-present)
Séances:  Film Sessions, Past & Present (dr. Sven Lütticken & dr. Eric de Bruyn, Visual Arts 1800-present,
Hannah Arendt’s Crisis in Culture (Jeremiah Day)
Tinguely and Transmissibility (dr. Jae Emerling)

Nederlandse Beeldhouwers in Europa, 1500-1750
(dr. Frits Scholten)
Dutch Art, 1960-present (dr. Jonneke Jobse & dr. Jos ten Berge)

Italian Drawing and Studio Practice, 1400-1600
(dr. Paul van den Akker)
Cooperation during the Reconstruction, 1945-1965 (dr. Jonneke Jobse)

De Papierverzameling van Baron van Leyden
(dr. Ingrid Vermeulen)
Size & Scale
(prof. dr. Wouter Davidts)



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