New Kunstlicht Issue + Call for Papers

16 Jan

The new Kunstlicht issue (vol. 38, 2017, 3/4) is titled Mediated Imaginations: Technologies Touching Upon Art. It was co-edited by recent Critical Studies in Art and Culture alumna Sam Edens.


The latest issue of Kunstlicht sets out to investigate the intricate connections between technology and art. Drawing on current insights uncovered in the philosophy of technology, the following question – amongst others – is explored: What are the ways in which people relate to the world through technology, and which practices are consequently fostered? From this angle, artistic imagination and technology become increasingly inseparable entities; existing through, and realized within, one another. Regarding the design, use, and proliferation of technologies as a creative process, creation by artifice is shown not only to be foundational to works of art and that which they reflect, but, moreover, as being exemplified and even sublimated by artists. This entwinement of art and technology is what each of the articles centre upon, tackling the topic from an array of perspectives.

A launch event will be held at LIMA, media art platform, Arie Biemondstraat 111 in Amsterdam, on February 8 from 7 to 10 PM.

But there’s no rest for editors, ever: Kunstlicht has also put out a call for papers for an issue with the working title Unpacking Residencies: Situating the Production of Cultural Relations.

27_Slavs_and_Tatars_Kraupa_Tuskany_Zeidler_Triangulation_Not_Moscow_Not_Mecca_S_T_I_11_4_1_11-1024x776In recent years, residency programs for artists and other cultural mediators have strongly multiplied. These residencies function as central nodes in the organization and distribution of professional development, artistic production, and the contemporary art market. They operate on the juncture of many contradicting forces, and can, as increasingly important ‘time-spaces’ in the art ecosystem, not be ignored when seeking to understand the nature and infrastructure of contemporary art today.

[…] Elaborating on these perspectives, several questions arise: given the double claim that residencies and artists have on cultural production, to whom does cultural production actually belong and where does it reside? How is it woven into the global flows of artistic production? And how do residencies negotiate their particular ties to the globalized art market? Since these transactions are so multi-layered, the wider cultural relations that they nurture need to be closely examined. By wider cultural relations, we mean the connections between agents of all kinds, such as humans, objects, and the geographies that they occupy.

In accordance with these observations, in this upcoming issue of Kunstlicht we wish to critically address the current identities, roles, and significance of art residencies. We aim to unpack the stakes involved in perpetuating such models and examine the potential of these residencies to foster counter-narratives and subversive modes of cultural production.


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