Alumni News: Politics and the Arts

2 Apr

VAMA alumnus Laura Prins (Van Gogh Museum) is co-organizing the conference The Artwork Exposed. Politics and the Arts (1850-1914), which will be held at the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum, April 17-18. There will be a keynote lecture on “Patriotism, Empathy, and the Politicization of Art” by Michelle Facos (Indiana University Bloomington), a presentation by Laura titled “L’Art pour l’art or L’Art pour tous? The Artist, the Anarchist in Les Temps nouveaux, 1896-1903,” and VU University’s Jos ten Berge is one of the respondents.

The second day includes a visit to the Rijksmuseum “for an in situ discussion of the relationship between arts and politics in the Dutch context.” The focus of this excursion will presumably be on the patriotic nineteenth-century decorations, but the fact that the Lord of the Drones and his Dutch sidekick recently used the Nightwatch as backdrop for a press conference could add some contemporary spice to the proceedings.


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