VAMA Applications 2014

8 Dec


We’ve almost reached the end of the first semester, which we’ll celebrate with a Christmas “borrel” (an essential Dutch word if ever there was one) on 15 December. The second semester will see new courses, including Ginette Verstraete’s “Critical Issues in the Cultural Industries,” a number of interesting guests – and, for many, work on the final thesis.

And then there are the deadlines for those who wish to apply for the 2014-2015 academic year. The deadline for international applicants is 1 April 2014. If you are also applying for a VU Fellowship Programme grant, it’s 1 March 2014. The deadline for Dutch applicants, and for EU applicants who do not apply for housing via the VU: 1 June 2014.

Your application should consist of the following elements:

-A certified list of the academic results obtained to date (qualifications and lists of grades). It should show that the thesis and other parts relevant to the field chosen for graduation in the research Master’s course have an average of no less than 8.0.

-A letter setting out your motivation for your application, accompanied by a curriculum vitae.

-A brief text on the subject or issue you would like to focus your research on (for instance in the context of tutorials and your thesis). If you prefer, you can integrate this into your motivation letter.

You can find more information about the VAMA programme on this site under “about,” and this blog gives an overview of various supplementary VAMA activities – the additions to the core programme. If you have any question, you can mail


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