Seminar: Wendelien van Oldenborgh

21 Oct

996022_531620850239775_1383537226_nOn October 31 at 3 P.M. we welcome artist Wendelien van Oldenborgh for a seminar about her current project, a cinematic experiment set in Het Karregat in Eindhoven – a radical architectural and social experiment designed in 1972 by the Dutch architect Frank Van Klingeren (1919-1999). The building, which is the location and subject of the film event, is a multifunctional community centre in a neighbourhood of new housing designed for an alternative middle class in Eindhoven. It was meant as the heart of the newly formed community and the core of that project was an open-plan space in which different activities and functions – a library, a school, a café, a health centre, a supermarket and communal area – would be connected under the same roof. This structure was sought to experiment at a social level and become a catalyst for bringing together the neighbours and enhance social contact through negotiation and conflict. It was kept functionally open in order to allow the users to shape the space.

We will discuss a number of texts pertaining to the project as well as the strategies employed by Van Oldenborgh in shooting this film. Following the seminar, from 7 P.M., Wendelien van Oldenborgh will be in conversation with Sven Lütticken at the San Serriffe bookstore in Amsterdam to launch his book History in Motion.

Image from Auguste Orts on facebook.


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