That Summer School Feeling

11 Mar

220px-Summer_school_posterNow that spring is almost here (we hope), the Dutch national research schools are announcing their annual summer schools for Research MA and PhD students. VAMA students might consider enrolling in one of the following:

On June 17 and 18, the OSK (Dutch Postgraduate School for Art History) will present the Summer School Memory and the Museum.

“What role do museum practices play in encouraging societies to remember or, in some cases, to repress their past? In this two-day interdisciplinary Summer School we will examine museums not just as repositories of collective memory, but as spaces in which memory is made, contested, and re-interpreted. We will begin by examining theories about personal and collective memory and will consider how, if at all, memory differs from history. We will then consider various strategies by which artists and curators make private memories public, shape narratives of the past, and give voice to those whose stories have been omitted from familiar histories. We will examine critical discourses relating to the public presentation of difficult and disturbing knowledge and consider ethical dilemmas that arise in the visual representation of trauma. As a therapeutic engagement with the past or an antagonistic encounter with history, our relationship to museums is examined as a vital component of critical self-awareness. This Summer School is divided into four interactive workshops (with presentations by different guest lecturers) that debate the latest research into memory studies, curatorial practices, museum studies, and the making of contemporary history in painting and photography. We will also examine specific case studies and view collections in Amsterdam.”

From June 10 to June 13, RMeS (Research School for Media Studies) will hold its Summer School 2013 on Audiences and Users.

“The Summer School targets PhD students and Research Master students who are keen to dive into current perspectives, advanced methods, and cutting-edge research in the study of audiences and users. Special attention will be paid to the question how competing approaches and research traditions in the study of audiences, users, consumers, and fans can be fruitfully combined. Classes will focus on key developments in audience characteristics and practices and will cover a variety of media and cultural fields, including art, music, film, cultural heritage, television, print, and the Internet.”


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