Lecture Series

15 Nov

There are a lot of voices to be heard, both at and around VU University.


On Tuesday November 22nd (16:00 – 18:00), Anikó Imre will give a public lecture on Brand New EU: Nation Branding Across Media at VU University (room 14 A 10, entrance free of charge). Anikó Imre is Associate Professor of Critical Studies at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Her work revolves around film and new media theory, global television, national and transnational media, postcoloniality, global consumption and mobility, studies of identity and play, media education, and European media.

In her lecture, Anikó Imre will cast a critical look at the phenomenon of nation branding as a multimedia site of interaction between nostalgic nationalism and consumerist identityconstruction within the expanding post-Cold War European media sphere. In the aftermath by socialism, nation-states of the New Europe have been forced to reinvent themselves as market-friendly and democratic places and shed the identity damage caused my socialism. State governments have widely embraced corporate nation-branding practices, often creating chaotic messages that have been met by cynical responses among their populations. Imre investigates the political implications of the permeability between the emotional attachment to brands and products and the love of the nation. (read more)


Throughout the upcoming months, the Métamatic Artists’ Lectures Series, a collaboration between the Métamatic Research Initiative and VU University’s Faculty of Arts, continues. The first upcoming lecture will be held by Brigitte Zieger on December 6th. In 2012, lectures by Aleksandra Hirszfeld, Olaf Breuning, Jon Kessler, and others will follow. You can find more information on the initiative and the artists here, or read our former post on the subject.


Finally, December sees the birth of another series of lectures. Under the title Facing Forward: Art & Theory from a Future Perspective Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum, University of Amsterdam, Appel Arts Centre, W139, SMBA and Metropolis M presents the sequel to the successful lecture series Right About Now: Art & Theory in the 1990s and Now is the Time: Art & Theory in the 21st Century. The current series and its forthcoming publication will discuss art and theory of the future, focusing on seven themes that together envision possible futures for contemporary art and theory, and offering innovative models and strategies with which to look at our collective future. Over the course of seven evenings, from December 2011 to April 2012, renowned international speakers will share their perspectives on the topics of Future Tech, Future Image, Future History, Future Freedom, Future Museum, Future City, and Future’s Future. (read more)


more Upcoming Events >>



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