The eventful month of May

2 May

This month will see a wide range of events happening on and around VU University. Many were already announced, but here are some new ones. For an overview of all events, just visit our Upcoming Events page.


Those who are studying in or visiting Florence this month, are welcome to attend the NIKI Conference From Pattern to Nature in Italian Renaissance Drawing: Pisanello to Leonardo. The conference explores how the model book approach persisted in Italy throughout the fifteenth century and influenced the attitude toward the imitation of nature and consequently the depiction of the human, animal, bird and plant form, and seeks to offer an explanation for this dual practice in the light of contemporary theories of art.

The conference takes place on May 6th & 7th at the NIKI Institute in Florence. For more information, please visit or download the programme here.



Between May 12th and May 22nd, the industrial heritage around Hengelo will turn into a giant barrel of performances, media art, guerilla art, etc. The reason? The Twente Biënnale, with internationally acclaimed artists as well as local talent. For more information, please visit



May is also the month of Art Amsterdam, an art fair taking place from May 11th to May 15th at RAi. During this fair, on May 13th, young people between 17 and 27 years old can get the chance to work with artists and collectors in the search for a new piece to add to the NOG Collection of the SNS REAAL Fonds. Have you always wanted to know what a collector does and how to choose the perfect piece for a collection? Then head to our Call for Papers section and find out how you can apply for the workshop.



to Call for Papers >>

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