News from the Faculty of Arts

2 May

Earlier this year, Koos Bosma published a revised version of his oration: Tent en Piramide. Architectuurgeschiedenis en -kritiek na 1970

Bosma responds to the fact that for quite a long time, there was no good textbook available that facilitated reading and writing about contemporary architecture and supported its recent history. In Bosma’s book a diptych is presented that analyses the changes in the ambitions of 20th century architectural history in the Netherlands on the one hand, while the fate of the international ambitions of different types of architectural criticism are sketched on the other hand.

The book is meant to be a stimulus for a revival of architectural criticism and the public debate about architecture. The text is not about topics that usually pop up in daily and weekly magazines and in television programmes – the opening, distortion or decay of buildings or designers as celebrities. It concentrates on the manner in which architecture and design products (and visions and judgments about them) can be understood as results of an autonomous profession. At the same time the changes in the profession, the socio-cultural context and impact of the clients are included in the reflection.



In other news: the Faculty has announced another Graduate Seminar for all MA students, which will take place on May 23rd. The programme is as yet unavailable, but will be posted here shortly.



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