News from Design Cultures

2 May

Care to broaden your horizons?
Interested in design?

Then here’s are some interesting activities related to Design Cultures.



First of all, Timo de Rijk will give his oration on May 25th. He is accepting the Premsela Chair in Design Cultures. On this occasion, he has also organized a small symposium on Design Cultures, which will be held prior to his oration and will include talks by Guy Julier and Jan Willem Drukker.

13:30 – 15:00     Premsela Symposium Design Cultures (Auditorium)
15:45 – 17:00     Oration Timo de Rijk (Aula)
17:00                   Drinks (Foyer)



On May 26th & 27th, What Design Can Do is organizing an international conference on the global impact of design. The conference centres around a main programme of lectures but has a flexible structure: the main programme will lead to a side programme including discussions, workshops and brainstorms, generating an exhibition of ideas, resulting in a book, used in a publicity stunt that will show the world What Design Can Do!

For more information on the conference, speakers, the side programme and tickets, please visit



Last but not least, VU University is hosting a series of lectures on Dutch Design for the NRC Academy. Spread over the months of May, June and July, our staff-members will give lectures on the appeal of Dutch design, its relation to advertising, design furniture, etc. The series is conceived as an academic course and can only be applied for as such (i.e. you cannot just apply for one lecture).

For more information on the programme, schedule and application, please visit



more Upcoming Events >>

more Projects >>


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