Autonomy Summer School

5 Apr

The second Autonomy Summer School will take place at DAI (Dutch Art Institute) in Arnhem from July 6 to 10. The Summer School is part of the Autonomy Project, a collaboration between universities, art schools and the Van Abbemuseum that seeks to stimulate reflection among students and young practitioners on the notion of autonomy. What could autonomy mean today – in art, academia, and elsewhere? In a number of practical and theoretical workshops, the Summer School will focus on ‘mediating autonomy’, that is to say on the use of media (including television, radio and the internet) for the creation of autonomy in both an artistic and a social or communal sense. VAMA and other VU MA students  who are interested in participating can contact Sven Lütticken for more information.

The Summer School will also serve as preparation for a public conference that will take place at the Van Abbemuseum in October. Speakers will include Jacques Rancière and Thomas Hirschhorn. In the fall, Sven Lütticken will offer a tutorial in conjunction with this conference.


Further Information
Autonomy Project


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